What is Eau Thermale Avène Club Singapore?

Eau Thermale Avène Club is a loyalty program in which to reward valued members and to keep members stay up to date with Eau Thermale Avène exclusive news and exciting promotions.

Customers are invited to join the loyalty program for free by simply registering on the Eau Thermale Avène Club website. This allows members to start earning and accumulating reward points whenever they made a purchase of Eau Thermale Avène product(s). The Reward points will entitle members to redeem free gifts from our rewards catalogue (subject to availability) on the website.

What are the perks and privileges that Eau Thermale Avène Club Singapore members enjoy?

  1. Earn reward points with Eau Thermale Avène purchases
  2. Redeem great gifts
  3. Enjoy exclusive news and benefits

How to earn points?

Members can earn reward points by making a qualifying purchase of Eau Thermale Avène products. Once registered as an Eau Thermale Avène Club Singapore member, you can upload a photo of the full receipt of the purchased product(s) showing the date of purchase, retailer type and receipt number at the Register a New Purchase section in the home page.

Reward points will be earned only on actual purchased price of each item at the time of purchase and not the on any original, previous, suggested retail or manufacturer’s suggested price.

Some promotions, kits or bundle packs may not be eligible. Qualifying purchase will be in the sole discretion of Eau Thermale Avène product and Color Play Enterprise Pte Ltd.

Is there membership fee?

There is no membership fee for joining Eau Thermale Avène Club!

Why are my points not reflected?

Once submitted, your points will be credited to your account around 3 working days after the date of purchase.

Purchases made more than 1 month before the registration date will not be eligible for point accumulation.

What is the validity of my points?

Point validity is 1 year

Am I eligible to join Eau Thermale Avène Club Singapore?

Resident as well as non-resident of Singapore are eligible for membership. However, only purchases made in the Singapore participating stores are eligible for the reward points and the redemption of products will only occur in Singapore.

What are the participating stores?

Watsons, Guardians, Unity, Shopee Official Flagship Store & Lazada Official Flagship Store.

Will I receive a membership card?

Member will not receive a membership card or a membership number. Member accounts will be identified by member’s email address or mobile number.

How do I update my personal details and mailing address?

Simply log in to Eau Thermale Avène Club website https://club.eau-thermale-avene.sg/ and click "My Registration" in the home page to update your personal details.

How do I cancel my account/membership?

You may cancel your account/membership and participation in Eau Thermale Avène Club at any time by contacting us.

Members may be requested to send suitable identification in order to assist with verification of account ownership and to assist with the protection and safeguarding of personal information. Upon cancellation, any unused points accrued in your account will be forfeited and cannot be redeemed.

Can I combine points with my friend?

Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be shared with family members, friends or others.

What is the special promotion for my birthday?

Happy birthday! Eau Thermale Avène Club Singapore members will enjoy x2 points if the purchase is made during your birthday month.

How to contact us?

If you have a question, feedback or need further help with the use of this website, please write to us at contact@eauthermaleaveneclub.com. We will respond to you within 2-3 working days.